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Welcome to Peak Performance Physical Therapy. Hopefully, our site will give you a great overview of our company, as well as provide you with some very enlightening information (Patient Education section). As always, please provide us with feedback. We are continually trying to improve every aspect of our business and you, our patients, providers, and participants, are our best source of ideas.

Thank you for your interest in Peak Performance Physical Therapy.


Peak Performance has opened a new MidCity Clinic at 750 Jefferson Hwy in Baton Rouge. Patrick Cook PT, MPT, OCS, CSCS has moved from the Perkins Rd. clinic to run this beautiful new site on Jefferson Hwy at the intersection of Goodwood/Claycut.




Trigger Point Dry Needling is now available at all locations of Peak Performance Physical Therapy. TDN is a treatment for muscular tightness and spasm which commonly follows injuries and often accompanies the degenerative processes. Ask your therapist if this is an appropriate treatment for you.

See our TDN brochure for more information

AlterG Anti-Gravity TreadmillThe AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill gives you the opportunity to rehab from surgery or train through injury without pain, even while you are still recovering from surgery or injury.  AlterG's unique unweighting technology reduces the impact of walking or running, while your body goes through the normal healing   process.  The first time you try the AlterG you won't believe how much fun it is to exercise at a lower body weight.  People who have used the AlterG say it's like "running on air", and "it's so much more fun than normal running" and "you have to try it to believe it!"  The AlterG can be used in a variety of ways and provide a broad range of benefits.  The world's best athletes and teams use the AlterG to reduce the frequency of injuries, build fitness, and train and recover more quickly.  They also use the AlterG as a core part of their athletic conditioning and training programs to strengthen and improve muscle coordination while minimizing stress on their bodies.  You have to experience the AlterG to truly appreciate how amazing it is.  To find out what it feels like to defy gravity and exercise like never before, try the AlterG at our Perkins Road location.  

As we remain on the cutting edge of physical therapy practice, our therapists recently trained with the ASTYM System.  The ASTYM System is a therapy approach that addresses problems such as scarring, fibrosis and degeneration that occur in soft tissues.  These problems may develop as the result of trauma, surgery, or overuse.  The System is effective for new injuries as well as chronic, nagging conditions.  The ASTYM System uses instruments along the surface of the skin to locate these problem areas and stimulate the body’s healing process.  As the body heals, exercise and activity help guide the healing which allows you to return to activities without pain and limitation.  The success of the ASTYM System is documented for a wide variety of diagnoses and many times it helps patients where other treatments have failed.  The therapists will customize a stretching and exercise program to assist you with your healing.  Most patients see a significant change in their symptoms in the first 3-4 visits.  To learn more, visit the ASTYM website, www.astym.com.  


Ready to Play Athletic Outreach Program
Injury questions??? Who hasn’t had questions, at some point in their life, about an ache, pain, or injury they are experiencing? Ready to Playis a program designed for high school athletes which has expanded to include middle and elementary school athletes, adult recreational athletes, and anyone at all who participates in sports activities. Ready to Playis a sports injury management program which utilizes athletic trainers and physical therapists to provide assessments and information about how best to manage an ache, pain, or injury. It is not intended for specific diagnosis or treatment, but rather a tool to assist in ‘triaging’ injuries in a timely manner so that further steps can be taken in the right direction to get the problem alleviated. Ready to Playis a resource for injury information and education. Recommendations can be made regarding appropriate follow-up care, when needed, with medical professionals who are specialists in the particular area that is injured. Ready to Playis a service and there are no charges associated with the assessments or recommendations. All Peak Performance clinics participate in the program, which means any athlete can call a location and schedule an assessment by a licensed therapist or athletic trainer, free of charge. Teams or groups can call Peak Performance and schedule a time for the athletic trainer to come to them for assessments or injury management training. Through Peak Performance, the Ready to Play staff provides athletic training coverage for a number of local sports teams, leagues, and events.





In early summer of 2009, Medical Wellness Associates (a sister company of Peak Performance Physical Therapy), purchased the two Spectrum Fitness Clubs at 7069 Perkins Rd. (at Kenilworth Blvd.) and 145 Aspen Sq. (near I-12 and Range Ave) in Denham Springs. In 2014, the Spectrum Fitness club located in Southdowns Village Shopping Center was added to the MWA group of clubs.These three facilites added ‘Fitness & Medical Wellness Centers’ to the Spectrum name and although owned separately, remain under the umbrella of the Spectrum Club family. The new 'Peak-based' ownership, having a variety of medical backgrounds, has plans to make these facilities into the first true ‘medical fitness centers’ in this area. Work is underway to have the sites accredited by the Medical Fitness Association, and programs are being introduced which are designed to merge, and blend, the areas of fitness and medical wellness. While continuing to offer the traditional high energy group classes, personal training, and state-of-the-art equipment, Spectrum Fitness & Medical Wellness will also cater space, equipment, and programming for individuals who may not be ‘regular’ exercisers and those who are managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, obesity, chronic fatigue, and many other conditions that are positively impacted very significantly by exercise. The focus here is not on ‘beach bodies’ or ‘mirror muscle’, but on normalizing numbers such as blood pressure, body weight, body fat percentage, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, etc… Stay tuned. There is much more to come from Spectrum Fitness & Medical Wellness !

Research indicates very clearly that increased physical activity and exercise play a tremendous role not only in the prevention of more than 40 chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and hypertension, but in the treatment and long-term management of these   conditions as well.

Rxercise, a new program being launched in the Baton Rouge area is one of the first of its kind in the country aimed at bridging the gap between medical doctors and fitness professionals, and giving physicians the resource they need to give specific exercise recommendations to patients. Rxercise has been formed to utilize fitness personnel with medical backgrounds, such as exercise physiology, physical therapy, athletic training, and nursing, to facilitate and supervise exercise programs for physicians who want to recommend or ‘prescribe’ exercise for their patients.  Currently physicians have a multitude of prescription drug choices for almost every condition they see in their practice, but they have very limited, if any, options for specific exercise and proper nutrition recommendations.

The Rxercise program is for individuals who need some guidance and instruction in their exercise program, for those who have underlying medical conditions, or for those whose doctor has told them they need exercise to help deter conditions which may be building up in part due to a lack of physical activity. Many of these individuals are not comfortable with the ‘traditional’ gym setting and they need a more ‘low-key’, private, and more instructional and informative program. Specific areas have been set aside within two of the Spectrum Fitness & Medical Wellness facilities to help accommodate this group. The ‘Ladies Only’ areas are now designated for Ladies and Medical Wellness participants.

Bill Gvoich MS, is the Medical Wellness Program Director and he personally assesses all Rxercise members and designs their fitness program. As a part of the initial assessment, each participant completes an individualized assessment, a series of functional tests in strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular performance, and a Cholestech blood panel screening which measures indicators such as triglyceride, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. Progress in all areas is tracked, documented and reported to the physician.
For more information on the Rxercise program, call (225) 810-3310.





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