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Baseline Concussion Testing Program


The Peak Performance baseline concussion testing program consists of an online ImPACT cognitive assessment test performed on the computer, as well as a BioDex postural sway balance analysis This program is both valuable and cost effective in protecting the well-being and return to play safety of all athletes. The purpose of this type of testing program is NOT to prevent concussions. The goal is that the information obtained from the testing may be used to help prevent the athlete from returning to competition before his/her body is ready.

The following is a brief explanation of how the program works:

The athlete completes a round of ImPACT baseline cognitive testing on the computer, and balance/sway analysis testing on the Biodex machine.  Testing can be conducted individually at one of our area clinics, or it can be completed as a group in the computer labs at participating schools.  Individually, testing takes approximately 45 minutes for the athlete to complete.  In a group setting, it depends on the number of available computers. 30 athletes can complete the testing in about an hour and a half.  Testing is administered by members of the Peak Performance staff. 

The results of each athlete’s individual tests are kept on computer file at Peak Performance Physical Therapy. There is no immediate ‘usable’ information derived from the initial testing and no athletes are ‘flagged’ or excluded from participation because of performance on a baseline test. The testing is simply designed to provide data which can be used to compare post-incident testing information to. In the event that the athlete suffers a suspected concussion during the season, or at any point throughout the year, the examining physician should be notified (by a parent, coach, or school athletic trainer) that the athlete completed baseline testing at Peak Performance.  At the physician’s request (and only at the physician’s request), the athlete will complete a post-injury test (which consists of a re-testing of the same tests done initially) at one of the Peak Performance clinic locations.  The results of both tests, along with a comparison summary, are then sent to the physician.  The physician will assess the symptoms of the athlete, along with all other pertinent information, including the athlete’s scores on the baseline test and the post-injury test, to make a determination of whether he/she deems the athlete ready to safely return to participation.  The baseline and post-event testing gives the physician additional information for better decision making when determining an athlete’s to return to play status.

Pricing for testing is as follows:  If the athlete completes testing individually at one of the Peak clinic locations, the price for testing is $40.00.  If the athlete is tested in a group setting in the computer labs at a participating school, the price for each individual athlete is $30.00. The stated prices cover the baseline cognitive and balance testing, as well as any post- injury tests as ordered by the physician should the athlete suffer a concussion.  Data gained from the baseline testing is valid for a period of two years, so athletes only need to redo the baseline measure every two years. 

The Peak Performance Baseline Concussion Testing and post-incident testing is not designed to keep an athlete out of competition any longer than necessary, nor is it designed to return the athlete back to competition any faster than otherwise may be indicated. It is simply designed to provide the physician with additional, pertinent information in ensuring the safety of the athlete with regard to return to play status.  Results of the tests are not to be used by the athletic trainer, parent, or physical therapist to ‘diagnose’ a concussion, nor to determine whether they feel an athlete may return to participation.  Suspected concussions are to be evaluated and diagnosed by physicians only, and thus only a physician is capable of ordering a post-incident re-test. 

If you have any questions regarding the baseline concussion testing program, please feel free to contact Ben Wilson at (225) 281-2798, or (225) 744-7325, or Steve Wilson at (225) 281-2797, or (225) 667-8989.

Parent Concussion Consent Form

For further information on the testing protocols used for the program, visit the following:

ImPACT               https://www.impacttest.com/

BioDex                  http://www.biodex.com/physical-medicine/programs/biodex-concussion-management-program

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