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Are you having trouble with hand pain or other issues? Don’t fret, you’re not alone! We all use our hands quite often, and unfortunately, it leads to hand issues for many of us. Luckily, with treatment from a highly-skilled hand therapist at Peak Performance, you can be back to a full range-of-motion and feel better than before. There are many different possible reasons why you might experience hand pain. It’s vital to understand your symptoms so you can understand how our ther...
Posted on 2020-05-08
When you’re searching for “a physical therapy clinic near me,” you’re looking for a practice that meets your standards. Improving your health is a long term commitment, and at Peak Performance Physical Therapy, we’re committed to you. That’s why we partnered with Spectrum Fitness and Medical Wellness! They provide classes, training, and nutrition for you even after you finish your therapy sessions with us. You Can’t Go Wrong Getting Strong! Of course, ...
Posted on 2020-04-24
As we get older, we are more prone to sports-related injuries. But that doesn’t mean you should give up something you love! There are steps you can take not only to recover faster but to prevent injuries in the future. From Baton Rouge to Hammond, Peak Performance Physical Therapy has eight locations, so you can always find a sports therapist to help you. Seek Treatment For Serious Injuries Often, we see patients come in late because they think their injury doesn’t qualify or isn&r...
Posted on 2020-04-07
It's no secret that dry needling has become an increasingly popular therapy. But if you’re still skeptical that this treatment is right for you, the local dry needling experts are here to help! Trust the experts at Peak Performance Physical Therapy to effectively treat your pain. We work to combine our therapeutic dry needling and physical therapy exercises to improve your range of motion and get you feeling better than ever. See just how we can help you. All About Our Local Dry Needling ...
Posted on 2020-02-18
If you’re experiencing chronic pain in your hands and upper extremities, there is relief available! Peak Performance Physical Therapy offers specialized therapy for a variety of hand and arm related injuries and conditions. Make your health a priority this year—choose Peak so you don’t have to endure the pain any longer. What Is Hand Therapy? Hand therapy is a non-operative treatment for a variety of painful hand conditions. But hand therapy is not only for your hands and fin...
Posted on 2020-01-08
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