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Taking time to be thankful for what you have in your life can lead to great happiness and even improve your brain. So, no matter the season, start making it a part of your daily routine. Thank your spouse for making the coffee this morning. Show appreciation to your coworker for helping you fix the printer. Send the Tigers some gratitude for their latest win. And maybe think about why you’re thankful for your physical therapists here in Baton Rouge. Thank Your Physical Therapist Care...
Posted on 2018-10-31
Most people associate needles with causing pain, not alleviating it. In fact, there’s even a name for the fear of needles: trypanophobia. More than 50 million Americans report suffering from it. We get it, needles can be scary. But, in the right hands, needles can actually make you feel better. What is Dry Needling? . Dry needling is a pain-treatment process that uses very small, very thin needles. A trained therapist administers needles into muscles to ease tightness and spasms. It's al...
Posted on 2018-09-27

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