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Do you suffer from an illness or injury that requires attention? Visiting a PT clinic in Hammond might be your best bet, but you may be a bit confused about how it works. When you have a referral for a physical therapist, it's often a part of your recovery plan. The right physical therapist evaluates your situation and creates a plan to help you get back to normal. Finding a PT Clinic in Hammond The first step to physical therapy is finding the right physical therapy clinic. Your doctor will l...
Posted on 2020-10-20
5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Baton Rouge Physical Therapist. Taking time to be thankful for what you have in your life can lead to great happiness and even improve your brain. So, no matter the season, start making it a part of your daily routine.  Thank your spouse for making the coffee this morning. Show appreciation to your coworker for helping you fix the printer. Send the Tigers some gratitude for their latest win. And maybe think about why you’re thankful for your Baton...
Posted on 2020-09-25
Dry needling and acupuncture are sometimes confused. Both involve needles, and both can be a part of a person’s individual wellness. Both are holistic approaches to wellness and bodily pain. But despite their similarities, dry needling and acupuncture are actually quite different.  What’s The Difference Between Acupuncture And Dry Needling? We’ve all heard these questions asked together: What? Who? Where? In general, these three queries can help us understand more things...
Posted on 2020-08-28
If you’re worried about trying physical therapy—you are not alone. Effective treatment takes time, patience, and determination as you work with your local physical therapist. Although recovery doesn't happen quickly, you can follow advice from Peak Performance Physical Therapy to get the most out of your treatment! What To Expect During Your Therapy We strive to provide the best treatment and care for all our patients. When you choose us, we start with a thorough evaluation and phy...
Posted on 2020-07-29
Without the proper help, re-learning basic tasks after a serious injury is a hard and sometimes painful journey. Whatever injuries or ailments you may sustain, the team at Peak Performance Physical Therapy is here to help you regain your physical health to feel great again! With both physical therapy and occupational therapy treatments, we provide a well-rounded physical rehabilitation journey for the most successful recovery possible. What Is Physical Rehabilitation? Car accidents, sports inj...
Posted on 2020-06-03
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