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Finding the right physical therapist for you isn’t always easy. You may sink a decent amount of time into searching the internet for a “physical therapist near me” in Baton Rouge. It’s time to connect with a Peak therapist! At Peak Performance Physical Therapy, our specialists are passionate about helping patients reach the best outcomes during recovery. Through tailored education, exercises, and plans, you can achieve greater strength, balance, and health than you had be...
Posted on 2021-12-21
An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is common among athletes. This occurs when the tissue that connects the thigh bone and shin bone ruptures or tears. This damaged ligament can be excruciatingly painful, and it can even become unstable. With the aid of a skilled physical therapist, you can help increase your natural healing. And, you can learn preventative methods to reduce future ACL injury. Get in touch with our specialists from Peak Performance Physical Therapy today! If you have suff...
Posted on 2021-11-29
"I need help recovering from an injury with a sports therapist near me!" When we suffer a sports injury, it takes time away from the activities we love. And if you don’t heal properly, it can have effects on your performance even after you’ve finished your recovery. Let Peak Performance Physical Therapy help narrow your search with expert physical therapy in Louisiana! Our specialists are prepared to help you find the right modalities for your individualized recovery. But first, let&...
Posted on 2021-10-26
In 2019 alone, the United States experienced at least 48.3 million physical injuries. Depending on the severity of the injuries incurred, patients may experience a decreased quality of life. They may become unemployed or lose valuable working time. Or, they can even develop greater health issues as a result. Visiting your local physical therapist after an accident is a fantastic, effective method to recover and prevent future issues! Here is why you should visit our Peak Performance Physical The...
Posted on 2021-09-20
At first glance, dry needling and acupuncture may appear to be the same. Both practices use small, thin, stainless steel needles. These needles are inserted into the skin to treat pain. So, are they the same? The short answer is no. They are indeed quite different processes. Know the difference between the two to determine the right treatment for you! We offer dry needling at each of our Peak Performance Physical Therapy centers located in Hammond and beyond. Here’s what you need to know a...
Posted on 2021-08-19
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