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Did you know that Peak Performance in Baton Rouge offers more than physical therapy treatments? That’s right! We also provide occupational therapy to our patients in Baton Rouge. You may think these two are similar, but that’s not quite the case. These two therapies often work in tandem to achieve similar health results, but they are fundamentally different. Physical therapy (PT) focuses on improving the patient’s ability to perform a full range of movement, usually after an in...
Posted on 2019-12-11
If you have teenage athletes, chances are that you’ve searched “sports rehab near me” in case anything goes wrong or after something DOES go wrong. Unfortunately, high school sports injuries are pretty common these days. Despite safety precautions, sometimes these injuries are unavoidable. Our kids need to be active, though, and playing on sports teams teaches very valuable life lessons. Luckily, you don’t have to compromise. The new Peak Performance Physical Therapy loca...
Posted on 2019-11-18
No matter your age or lifestyle, chronic pain can appear in a multitude of ways and intensities. Although you may think it’s normal to experience pain every so often, you don’t have to suffer anymore. We can help you get on the road to recovery. Come see a specialized and highly trained physical therapist near Prairieville at Peak Performance and see how we can help your pain. How Does My First Appointment Work? During your first appointment, your therapist will perform a full asse...
Posted on 2019-10-22
When trying to relieve muscle pain, finding the right treatment can seem like a daunting task. Physical therapy is usually the last thing on your mind. Even if you decide on therapy, where should you go? You’re in luck because Peak Performance Physical Therapy has multiple locations within the Baton Rouge area to facilitate your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help alleviate your muscle pain with various techniques based on the appropriate treatment. One treatment, in partic...
Posted on 2019-09-25
Peak Performance Physical Therapy recently opened doors in Hammond! The people of Hammond don’t have to travel far to find the best physical therapists in Louisiana. Even if you’ve never been to physical therapy before or you’ve been burned by a bad experience, Peak is here for you. Learn more about what seeing a physical therapist in Hammond entails. Why Would I Need A Physical Therapist In Hammond? There’s many reasons as to why a person would need a physical therap...
Posted on 2019-08-19
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