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Post-Rehab Exercise

Peak Performance Physical Therapy Post-Rehab Exercise

At Peak Performance Physical Therapy we are passionate about helping you to be pain-free and to increase your mobility and activity level. Proper movement is continual 'medicine' for the body and remaining functional, independant, and pain-free is the goal we have for ALL of our patients.

As your treatment plan at Peak progresses, we work hard to educate you on your body and how things are supposed to work and function. We strive to provide you with knowledge that will serve you for years to come. Depending on your own goals and desires, we spend time instructing you in exercises and functional activities that will promote wellness. If you have a favorite gym or facility you like to attend, we will help you transition you from physical therapy into a 'lifestyle' exercsie program that is specific for you.

We encourage you to share with your physical therapist goals that you have and acticites that you like so that we can help customize programs to 'maximize your exercise.

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