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Rxercise Medical Wellness

Research indicates very clearly that increased physical activity and exercise play a tremendous role not only in the prevention of more than 40 chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and hypertension, but in the treatment and long-term management of these conditions as well.

Rxercise, is one of the first of its kind in the country aimed at bridging the gap between medical doctors and fitness professionals, and giving physicians the resource they need to give specific exercise recommendations to patients. Rxercise has been formed to utilize fitness personnel with medical backgrounds, such as exercise physiology, physical therapy, athletic training, and nursing, to facilitate and supervise exercise programs for physicians who want to recommend or ‘prescribe’ exercise for their patients.  Currently physicians have a multitude of prescription drug choices for almost every condition they see in their practice, but they have very limited, if any, options for specific exercise and proper nutrition recommendations.

The Rxercise program is for individuals who need some guidance and instruction in their exercise program, for those who have underlying medical conditions, and for those whose doctor has told them they need exercise to help deter conditions which may be building up in part due to a lack of physical activity. Many of these individuals are not comfortable with the ‘traditional’ gym setting and they need a more ‘low-key’, private, and more instructional and informative program. Specific areas have been set aside within two of the Spectrum Fitness & Medical Wellness facilities and two of the Peak Performance clinic locations to help accommodate this group.

Bill Gvoich MS, is the Medical Wellness Program Director and he assesses Rxercise members and designs their fitness program. As a part of the initial assessment, each participant completes a series of functional tests in strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular performance, and blood panel numbers including triglyceride, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels are utilized in program development. Progress in all areas is tracked, documented and reported to the physician.

For more information on the Rxercise program, call (225) 810-3310.



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