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Patient Success Stories:

A big “thank you!” to Jessica, Jeff, Ryan, Latisha, and the rest of the staff at Peak Performance for giving me back my mobility and taking away the pain after Dr. Albergamo diagnosed a bulged disk in my lower back in early January. I am amazed at how you were able to pinpoint specific exercises and stretches that cured me to the 80% level within about a week, and brought me back to essentially 100% by the end of my twelve sessions. I had hobbled along for about 10 weeks before I came to see you. All I had to do was faithfully follow your instructions, and I was back to my old self! I believe that by implementing your exercises into my daily routine, I will reasonably be able to continue my normal activities without a problem. I appreciate the pleasant and professional environment you provided, and am actively recommending you guys to my friends and acquaintances. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart (and my spine!). Sincerely, Mike

My name is Marleen. I had the pleasure of working with Lindsey and the rest of the staff at Peak Performance Physical Therapy at the Gonzales office. I arrived at Peak in late July 2008 just three weeks after having surgery for a total right knee replacement. Upon arrival I was greeted by Dee, who is friendly with a wonderful smile, and asked to fill out the usual paper work.

I have been a patient with Peak Performance of Denham Springs. I had a complete (severed) tear of my ACL in my right knee. Since my injury, I started treatment the next week. When I reported to Peak Performance for the first time, every person (employee) greeted and welcomed me showing me great concern and wanting to be very helpful. Since I have continued for three months I have received outstanding support from Peak Performance

We are so happy with the rehabilitation my husband Al received from Lindsey and her crew at Peak Performance in Gonzales following his knee surgery. The sessions were effective, efficient and even fun. His mobility and attitude are just great. Thanks so much.

I underwent hip replacement surgery of my left hip on April 21, 2008. After receiving home health therapy, I was released to outpatient rehab and chose Peak Performance Physical Therapy for this stage in my recovery. I have always been an active male, very involved with golf and worked out on a regular basis at the Spectrum next door.

The first time I walked into Peak Performance I was welcomed so warmly by everyone that I felt right at home. Usually you feel a little awkwardness the first day of therapy, but to my surprise and pleasure I felt nothing of the kind. Each time I went for therapy I felt like shouting “Honey I’m home!” whenever I walked in.

Six years ago, I was at the high point of my high school basketball career when my shoulders decided to suddenly give out on me. Initially, my right shoulder had dislocated several times and my left shoulder would cause me pain.

Robert, I owe you and the staff more than I can ever put into words. I want those who read this to have hope even when they can't see it. I want them to also know that they have to trust you and "do the work" you give them to do. I can see this now more clearly than ever. I started coming to you in June, 2009 after I fell off a ladder and broke my "knee." After surgery (3 vertical fractures on my tybia plateau resulting in a plate and 8 screws in my knee), I began physical therapy. The pain was beyond anything I had ever had before. I was using a walker and crutches. Your compassion for my pain and your commitment to my welfare (by not letting me use the pain as an excuse not to work at getting better) combined in a wonderful way. My physical therapy progressed from the simplest of exercises (wiggling my toes and rotating my ankle 10 times in each direction). You started me off with some exercise while also working on my self confidence. I am sure...

In 1991 I needed physical therapy for knee scope surgery. At this point I began my on and off experience of over 18 years physical therapy with Fabian Roussel. Wherever Fabian worked, I followed. In 1999 Fabian, Chris, and Scott formed Peak Performance. Over the years I have had physical therapy for 2 hip replacements, 2 knee replacements and a torn rotator cuff. The results have met with 100 per cent success. At present I am in water therapy for a hip revision.

I cannot say enough about Peak Performance. Once you walk through their doors you become a part of the Peak family and not just a client. You are treated with respect, dignity, and caring. They become your friend as well as therapist or tech. They know that everyone is different and work within your boundaries. They encourage you to reach your full potential.

Come join the Peak family. I know that you will be glad you did.

Nita, Age 71

Hi, my name is Betty. I am a patient of Peak Performance Physical Therapy. I tell you it’s been a wonderful experience getting my therapy at Peak Performance. The staff is so friendly, caring, and professional. They make you feel like you are part of their family. Before I began my therapy there I barely was able to walk because of the severe pain in my feet. Now after a month or so and continuing therapy, my feet feel so much better because of a lot less pain, now I walk doing lots of delayed chores. I plant my vegetable garden, flower garden and playing with my seven grand children. I highly recommend anyone who needs therapy to use Peak Performance in Brusly, LA. Thanks so much Peak Performance.

P.S. I am so looking forward in walking or running a marathon with Jessica the physical therapist.

Thank god for Peak! I started out having major back spasms. I thought my Baseball career was over. I went to the doctor, thinking my only problem was going to be scoliosis, but the doctor also diagnosed me with spondylosis and spina bifida oc-culta. We immediately went to Jason at peak and he helped me develop a plan to strengthen my back muscles. With the help of Jason, the Peak crew, and the machines that I used, I now have more confidence when I play basketball. Thanks to Peak, I’m now a starter on my High School varsity team and I'm stronger than ever.


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