Student Volunteers

At Peak Performance, we understand the need for students interested in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and exercise/fitness studies to gain first-hand knowledge and experience in the field. We take significant pride in the many student volunteers and techs who have gained experience at Peak and gone on to graduate from a professional clinical program of their choosing.

We ask that all potential volunteers take the opportunity very seriously. If you have excellent people skills, are interested in the field, and have the time and desire to see what 'our world' is all about, fill out the Volunteer Form below. Opportunities vary from with regard to volunteer positions, but most all of our paid therapy technician positions come from volunteers who show the desire and capability become a staff member.

Specific clinic sites may sometimes be limited for volunteers because of other staffing/volunteer arrangements or hours of operation, but we will try to accomodate everyone as much as possible.

Get on-board today. If you have any questions, contact Jonathan at jkearney@peakphysicaltherapy.com

Volunteer Form click here

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