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Initial Evaluation

If you have a diagnosis and referral from a physician, dentist, podiatrist, or chiropractor for physical or occupational therapy, call our location most convenient for you and schedule your initial evaluation. This is a comprehensive examination of your particular problem by a licensed therapist and is the first step in the rehab process. During this evaluation, your therapist determines the areas that need to be addressed and develops a treatment plan. This plan normally consists of attending therapy 2-3 times per week for direct supervision and progression of exercise, performing manual therapy techniques, and may also include therapeutic modalites. Most of the time, the evaluation and following visits are covered by insurance and our staff will assist you in finding your particular therapy insurance benefits.  Our therapists will guide you through the rehab process and get you back to your highest level of pain-free, functional activity.

To find the location most convenient for your initial evaluation with one of our outstanding therapists, click here

Injury Assesment

Louisiana law allows a physical therapist to perform an injury assessment without a prescription from a doctor. The therapists at Peak Performance will be happy to talk to you and evaluate your problem to determine what may be done to alleviate your particular complaints. Sometimes this involves instruction in simple exercises or in making minor modifications to your current exercise routine. Other times, it may be suggested that you see a doctor and get further tests and/or approval for physical therapy treatment.  Our therapists cannot iniate official treatment without a referral from your physican.  In cases where treatment may be warranted, the evaluating therapist will assist you with scheduling a doctor's appointment and may even contact the doctor prior to your visit to discuss your complaints. If needed, the therapist can also recommend a doctor who specializes in the area of your problem.

To schedule an assessment, call the Peak Performance location most convenient for you and tell the receptionist you would like to set up an INITIAL ASSESSMENT WITHOUT A REFERRAL.

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