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Initial Evaluation and Treatment

Louisiana law allows a physical therapist to perform an injury assessment/evaluation, as well as begin physical therapy treatment, without a patient having a prescription from a doctor. The therapists at Peak Performance Physical Therapy are highly skilled and experienced at evaluating your problem to determine what may be done to alleviate your particular complaints.

If the physical therapist feels that physical therapy treatment is indicated to solve the problem, he/she will develop a treatment plan, discuss it with you, and get started on getting you better. This plan normally consists of attending therapy 2-3 times per week for direct supervision and progression of exercise, performing manual therapy techniques, and may also include therapeutic modalites. Our therapists will guide you through the rehab process and get you back to your highest level of pain-free, functional activity.

If, during the initial evaluation, the physical therapist feels that you may benefit from further evaluation and testing to determine the best course of action for your issue, they will make that suggestion and can even assist you with scheduling an appointment with a doctor who specializes in the area of your problem.

To schedule an appointment with a physical therapist, call the Peak Performance location most convenient for you or follow the links on our website to schedule on-line.

To find the location most convenient for your initial evaluation with one of our outstanding therapists, click here

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