Aqua Therapy

Swim-Ex Pool

Peak Performance offers aquatic (pool) therapy at 3 locations: Industriplex Blvd, Dutchtown/Geismar, and Monterrey Blvd. The pools at the Industriplex and Dutchtown clinics are a rehabilitation specific pool called a Swim-Ex. The Swim-Ex pool is a 2600 gallon pool measuring 8 ft by 20 ft. It is 5 ft deep, but platforms are kept in place to decrease the depth to 4 ft most of the time. The unit has 8 ‘work stations.’ The stations allow for seated exercises, a variety of stretches, and plyometric or jumping exercises. This pool also has a laminar flow feature which offers constant resistance requiring core/abdominal muscle work throughout the session. The Swim-Ex is equipped with a lift chair for those patients who require assistance entering and exiting the pool. The water temperature is kept between 88 and 92 degrees.

Aquatic therapy is highly beneficial for a wide range of patients and diagnoses. The water allows for more range of motion and a greater tolerance for exercise than exercising on land. Chronic osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-operative patients, low back pain, and obesity are some examples of patients who are appropriate for aquatic therapy.

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