Functional Testing

Functional Capacity Evaluations (Occu-Pro System)

Peak Performance Physical Therapy has been performing Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE's) since 1996. Scott A. Dickie, PT, DPT, COMT and Ben Wilson DPT perform the testing in its complete form, one day-4 hours, or as an abbreviated 'mini-test' when only a specific area is being assessed. The procedure includes a variety of objective testing, including static strength testing, hand strength testing, occasional materials handling, frequent materials handling, constant materials handling, non-materials handling, and an assortment of job and function specific tasks such as climbing, crawling, squatting, prolonged standing and sitting, bending, reaching, and carrying. Validity criteria are measured throughout the test, as well as taking into account the patient's physical and reported symptoms. Detailed reports are compiled to provide objective data to doctors, adjusters, employers, and the patient regarding their ability to safely complete specified tasks.

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