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Anodyne Therapy 

Anodyne Therapy is a state of the art treatment for pain caused by a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition in which sensation is gradually decreased and sometimes disappears completely due to decreased nerve impulses from the nervous system. Many people with diabetes may also have neuropathy and it commonly affects the lower legs and feet with a gradual loss of sensation to temperature, touch, and pressure. These can be very painful and limit a person’s functional activity significantly.

When pain is so limiting, or other issues such as loss of balance, poor walking ability, or weakness in the legs and feet occur, Anodyne can help restore the quality of life. An Anodyne machine emits infrared energy to increase local blood flow in the area. This light therapy is transmitted through pads placed directly in contact with the skin. Many patients report a warm, soothing sensation during the treatments, which usually average 30-45 minutes for 10-24 sessions. This course of treatment largely depends on how each patient responds to the therapy.

We recommend Anodyne Therapy be used in conjunction with therapeutic exercises such as stretching and strengthening to maximize the functional benefits. Quality of life and pain reduction are important to enable full functional activity. At Peak Performance Physical Therapy, our therapists are trained is assessing each individual person and setting goals in accordance with their individual needs. Call us at Peak if you feel you could benefit from Anodyne Therapy or ask for Peak Performance by name.


The Hivamat is a manual electrical stimulation technique with an internationally patented treatment method. It allows for biologically effective oscillations in the treated tissue using electrostatic attraction and friction. These pleasant oscillations, which cause a vibration of the tissue, have a gentle and deep-acting effect on skin, connective tissue, muscles, and blood vessels. Deep Oscillation Hivamat therapy helps with relaxation of muscles, increases lymphatic drainage, speeds recovery of injuries, and decreases pain. The Hivamat is used with different manual massage techniques and at multiple frequencies to provide the patient with maximum benefit.

Biodex Treatment

Peak Performance offers specialized balance training and re-education on a machine called the Biodex. The Biodex is a force plate which can be set to move or remain stationary. There is a screen which provides a visual display of the patient’s movement. Patients stand on the force plate and move through a variety of exercises while watching their movement simultaneously on the screen. This allows patients to make corrections and improve their limits of stability, therefore improving their overall balance.

The Biodex also allows the physical therapist to evaluate patients to determine if they are at risk for a fall, and if so, where the deficits lie. Following testing, patients train on the Biodex with supervision to improve balance on moving and stationary surfaces. This improves functional balance and mobility to allow patients to remain independent longer.

The Biodex can also be used for athletic conditioning exercises and orthopedic rehabilitation, as well as core strengthening during rehab for low back pain.

(This service is offered at Industriplex location only.)


Kinesiotaping is a method of taping used for many different problems. It may be used to support and activate a muscle, or to prevent over contracture and muscle spasm. Other uses include swelling and corrective techniques. Although the tape may support or inhibit muscle, it always allows full range of motion and it was developed to be worn for 24 hours a day. The tape is used in conjunction with other therapies, exercises and functional activities. All Peak therapists have been trained to use kinesiotaping techniques. For more information you can visit

Game Ready

Game Ready is a system that uses cold water and intermittent compression simultaneously to treat acute and chronic soft tissue injuries and post surgical tissue trauma. There are several wraps used for specific parts of the body to better conform to the area. The wraps are made of 2 separate chambers, one for ice water and one for compression. The Game Ready system is used in conjunction with other treatments and exercises to help decrease inflammation and swelling which improves mobility and strength and gets the patient or athlete back to their daily life or sport quickly.

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