Exercise Specialists

Bill Gvoich, MS

Medical Wellness Consultant
 (225) 936-9251

BILL GVOICH, MS:  Bill has been actively involved in the fitness arena for over thirty years as a sports conditioning consultant, educator, author and designer of innovative exercise therapy equipment.  His accomplishments as an athlete and educator have given him unique insight into the field of sports conditioning and functional fitness. As an athlete, Bill was a four time Canadian Powerlifting Champion and a collegiate football player.

Bill began his career as a conditioning coach for several Canadian National sports teams and professional organizations including the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Club (N.H.L.), the Canadian Alpine Ski and Women’s Basketball teams and the Toronto Argonaut Football Club (C.F.L). In 1989, his focus changed to promoting the effectiveness of Restorative Care and quality of life programs for people 65 years and older. He also developed the Temple of Health Lifestyle treatment model to include individual exercise, nutrition and relaxation training for substance abuse recovery participants. He has produced a fitness TV show since 1997. In 2004 he started Health Focus, a medical fitness program. As the Director of Rxercise, our Medical Wellness Program, Bill will continue to develop and promote the importance of exercise, nutrition and stress management as “medicine” for quality of life.

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