Work Comp - Triple 3 Program

Treatment and Rehab of Injured Workers

At Peak Performance Physical Therapy, we take great pride assisting injured workers to get back to work in the quickest and safest manner possible. As with athletes, getting injured workers back in 'their game' requires knowledge, skill, and experience. While addressing the specific injury sustained, the Peak therapists also take into consideration the increased level of functioning required to get back to the job duties required and ensure the patient is not only pain-free, but able to perform their job safely with a minimal to no risk for re-injury.

Along with the best in acute injury and pain management, Peak Performance also utilizes work conditioning and Functional Capacity Evaluations when appropriate. 

Our goal is to get injured workers back to their jobs efficiently, while providing education to both the worker and the employer with regard to preventing further or future injuries.

Peak Performance Physical Therapy offers our acute injury treatent and work conditioning program and ALL clinic locations. Functional Capacity Evaluations are scheduled at selected sites.

Peak Performance Triple 3 Program Flyer:

Work Conditioning and the Triple 3 Program Overview

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