What Can I Learn From a Physical Therapist Near Me?

Finding the right physical therapist for you isn’t always easy. You may sink a decent amount of time into searching the internet for a “physical therapist near me” in Baton Rouge. It’s time to connect with a Peak therapist! At Peak Performance Physical Therapy, our specialists are passionate about helping patients reach the best outcomes during recovery. Through tailored education, exercises, and plans, you can achieve greater strength, balance, and health than you had before your injury. Here’s what you can learn from our physical therapists.

I Can Learn How To Improve My Range of Motion

Question: “After a tennis injury, I’ve been left with pain in my dominant arm. Can a physical therapist near me help me get my mobility back?” 

After a traumatic injury, you may have pain, scar tissue, or strain left in your joints and soft tissues surrounding them. With the help of your physical therapist, you can learn exercises geared for improving your particular injury. These exercises can help you to regain motion and flexibility at the sight of pain or stiffness. And, it can promote healing of the damaged tissues!

I Can Learn Exercises For Strength and Balance

Question: “I’m suffering from long-standing back pain. Is this something that physical therapy can assist with?”

Physical therapy exercises can help you to regain strength in your core muscles. These are located in your mid-region and lower back, including your abdominal muscles, obliques, glutes, and more. Weak core muscles can lead to poor posture, back pain, and a greater risk of injury. And, it can make it more difficult to maintain balance. Your physical therapist can customize your exercise plan to strengthen these muscles for improved strength, stability, and pain relief.

I Can Learn What Habits May Be Impeding My Recovery

Question: “I’m looking for exercise advice from a physical therapist near me in Baton Rouge. Can they help me learn exercises to help strengthen specific muscles?”

Proper form is essential to wellness, and this doesn’t end with muscle targeting. Whether you are trying to increase your strength and muscle mass or retrain your muscles after an injury, your form can either aid or impede your progress. During your physical therapy sessions, your therapist will help to ensure that you are using the proper form for your stretching, weight lifting, and even your breathing techniques. This helps to prevent injury, decreases the chances of having heart problems or high blood pressure, and makes sure you are accessing the correct muscles as you exercise.

I’m Ready To Find a Physical Therapist Near Me in Baton Rouge!

After a surgery or injury, a physical therapist can help you find the right tools for recovery. From exercises and form correction to encouragement and advice, you can begin moving towards a stronger, healthier, pain-free outcome. If you’re ready to stop spending hours searching for the right “physical therapist near me,” get in touch with Peak Performance Physical Therapy in Baton Rouge. At our clinic, you will find caring physical therapists who can customize your treatment plan to meet your needs. Find your closest clinic location and give us a call to book an appointment! Or, send us a message through our website. If you’re ready for an exceptional physical therapy experience, choose Peak today.