Find The Best PT Clinic Near You

Often, people will choose their medical facilities based on how close they are to them. We understand why! When you’re in pain, you’re desperate to just make it stop. But you should still go to the best in your area. Going to a doctor or therapist who may not be quality you deserve can certainly lead to more problems down the line. Take the time to find the best PT Clinic near you. With locations throughout Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, Peak Performance Physical Therapy is the right choice for you. We also accept a wide range of insurance providers, so feel free to call and ask if you don’t see yours listed!

Our Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy comes in many forms and areas of specialty. And each physical therapy clinic must make it a point to continually focus on empowering therapists to provide the most exceptional care available. At Peak Performance, we feel it best to have a large number of highly trained and experienced specialists on staff. Depending on the specific plan of care needed, our physical therapists may utilize one or more of the following services:

  • Treatment Modalities: Using electrical stimulation, moist heat, ice, or more does wonders for alleviating pain. Check out our list containing all of our treatments.
  • Dry Needling: This treatment is for healing injury-related muscular tightness and spasm. Small needles are inserted in the trigger points and release, allowing these muscles to relax. Only highly trained physical therapists can apply this technique.
  • Aqua Therapy: Aqua Therapy is good for a range of diagnoses. Peak Performance’s three pools are rehab-specific. Look for a PT clinic near you to see if yours has this available for use.
  • Hand Therapy: Seeing a specialist for conditions specific to the wrist, hand, and fingers is vitally important and could potentially prevent the need for surgery, or speed up and maximize recovery following surgery. Come into a Peak clinic near you to see the best hand specialists in your area.
  • Custom Foot Orthotics: We never seem to think about how important our feet are to our daily lives. Choosing custom orthotics helps with your balance, posture, and any ailments. Heal your pain today and put a bit of pep in your step.
  • Functional Testing: Using our assessment program helps find ailments through a series of specialized functional tests.
  • Special Equipment: Certain ailments require specially designed equipment. Ask your therapist if any of these would help you.

If you’re suffering from pain, muscular tightness, or some other physical problem, visit the nearest Peak Performance clinic for exceptional treatment. You deserve a therapist that will help get you back to feeling great!

Our Physical Therapists

We currently have almost two dozen physical therapists and occupational therapists on staff across all locations. Each is equally focused on expanding their studies and providing the best service around. Our therapists are members of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Louisiana Physical Therapy Association and are active in their professional growth and development. So you know you’re in good hands at Peak Performance. Contact Peak today to find your next physical therapist.

Contact A PT Clinic Near You

Above all, you deserve to go to a quality PT clinic near your home. And you can! Peak Performance now has eight locations across Baton Rouge and the surrounding cities:

Have a question for us? Feel free to contact one of our numbers or emails. You shouldn’t just go to a facility because it’s close. Go because it’s also the BEST around.