Hey Siri. Find The Best Sports Rehab For Teenagers Near Me!

If you have teenage athletes, chances are that you’ve searched “sports rehab near me” in case anything goes wrong or after something DOES go wrong. Unfortunately, high school sports injuries are pretty common these days. Despite safety precautions, sometimes these injuries are unavoidable. Our kids need to be active, though, and playing on sports teams teaches very valuable life lessons. Luckily, you don’t have to compromise. The new Peak Performance Physical Therapy location in Hammond is the perfect sports rehab near you!

Kinds Of Injury And What To Do

There’s a risk of injury with any physical activity. However, basketball players, football players, soccer players, and gymnasts are at a higher risk of injury. Patellofemoral syndromes (knee cap pain), shoulder injuries, tennis elbow, sciatica, ACL tear or strain, and hip flexor strains are among the most common sports injuries and can happen in the blink of an eye. If your adolescent athlete is experiencing pain, it’s time to call a physical therapist for an evaluation.

It’s important that if your child experiences an injury like this, they start recovery as soon as possible. Meaning, avoiding aggravation to the injury can help with the healing process. Aggravation of the injury will only worsen its long-lasting effect. Once rehab begins, it’s sometimes normal for younger patients to experience soreness from physical therapy treatment, however this soreness is normal and not a deterrent to healing.

Healing Is A Process

When your teenager starts therapy, it’s important that they understand the full purpose and process. This not only includes the comprehensive treatment plan but also the respective anatomy. Sports rehabilitation therapy serves to minimize the functional loss that results from injury. Ultimately, the therapist is working to restore the optimal form and function to the injured body part. You can encourage your child’s optimism by making them an important part of the conversation. Teens that are active participants will heal quicker and be happier, too!

Luckily, adolescents bounce back relatively quickly from injuries! Their connective tissues are more elastic and their cardiovascular systems supply blood quicker to the injured portions of the body, so they tend to heal faster. So while they may feel upset that they are out of competition, remind them that it’s temporary and that sports rehab will only help them bounce back quicker!

The distress of being sat out is especially true for enthusiastic athletes, whose main goal is getting back to the competition and not necessarily their long-term health. Sometimes it’s hard for adolescent patients to understand that we are treating the injury for lifelong health and functionality, and not just a quick fix. As a parent, it’s always helpful to listen and be empathetic rather than discounting their concerns. In the end, sports rehab will be what’s best for their long-term health and their sports career!

Stop Searching For The Right Therapist

Just because teenage sports injuries are common doesn’t mean “sports rehab near me” should be a common search term in your history! We hope to put your search to rest once you walk through our doors. The new Peak Performance in Hammond specializes in sports rehab therapy so that you don’t have to go far for quality care. Request an appointment or call us at (985) 956-7205 if you have any questions about our processes. We’re ready to help your child feeling better than ever.