Say Bye To Chronic Pain: See A Physical Therapist In Prairieville

No matter your age or lifestyle, chronic pain can appear in a multitude of ways and intensities. Although you may think it’s normal to experience pain every so often, you don’t have to suffer anymore. We can help you get on the road to recovery. Come see a specialized and highly trained physical therapist near Prairieville at Peak Performance and see how we can help your pain.

How Does My First Appointment Work?

During your first appointment, your therapist will perform a full assessment to identify your specific problem area(s) and your personal goals with regard to your treatment. By observing your movements and patterns and listening to your concerns, our PTs are able to develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you. From there, we will work together to reduce your dysfunction and pain to improve your strength, mobility and pain-free function.

See If We Can Help With Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

If a functional capacity evaluation, or FCE, has been requested by a doctor, insurance adjuster, or attorney, this assessment includes going through our Occu-Pro System for looking at functional status. These tests include climbing, hand strength, materials handling—and a variety of other functional movements that allows us see where problems may lie. This information is compiled in a report that is used to identify where deficits occur with respect to functional performance or job duty performance.

Our system shows your amount of effort and pain level throughout the tasks and whether performance is enough to complete tasks required in daily life or one the job. Our goal is to get you back to work or play as soon as possible.

Aqua Therapy At Peak

Peak Performance has pools at three of our locations. The one at our Geismar/Dutchtown location is specially made for rehabilitation and is made by “Swim-Ex.” Our Swim-Ex pool is eight feet by 20 feet and is five feet deep. However, platforms are available for the therapist to use to keep things at four to five feet deep, depending on your needs. With eight work stations, your therapist is able to design an effective program of aquatic-based exercises.

Aqua therapy is perfect for those suffering with chronic pain. With the use of water, gravity takes less of a toll on the muscles and joints, and we can begin strength training and working on your recovery. Also, did you know that warm water promotes muscle relaxation and decreases pain sensitivity? That’s why we keep our water between 88 and 92 degrees. Ask a physical therapist near Prairieville today about our aqua therapy and see if we can help you with your pain.

Start Your Road To Recovery With A Physical Therapist Near Prairieville

A highly trained physical therapist at our Geismar/Dutchtown location is ready to see you now! Contact us today to set up an evaluation and learn more about what we can do to help your pain. This location specifically helps our patients with aquatic and physical therapy, so we can get you started with your treatment. Call (225) 744-7325 or fill out a form to schedule your appointment today. Let’s get you on the road to a pain-free life!