How Dry Needling Helps Patients

We understand—many people have a healthy fear of needles. Everyone’s had at least one encounter they’d like to forget with a nurse who couldn’t find a vein. But here’s the good news for Prairieville residents: dry needling isn’t anything like these terrible experiences. And, for many people facing muscle tightness, pain, or spasms, it’s an effective and gentle procedure that can provide relief. Learn more about dry needling to see why it’s changing the minds of Prairieville patients.

What Is Dry Needling?

One of the main differences between dry needling and the injections we’ve all grown to loathe is in the needle itself. The “dry” part of dry needling comes from the fact that it isn’t your standard needle: it’s filiform. And that means the needle is solid, not hollow. So when it is inserted, nothing goes in and nothing is drawn out. 

Instead of targeting blood vessels like standard injections, dry needles are gently placed in the muscles to address irritating spasms and tightness. This process feels nothing like the painful injections or blood draws we’re all used to dealing with. In fact, you may hardly feel it at all.

Dry needling targets trigger points to inactivate parts of affected muscles, allowing them to ease up. This can then provide a patient with greater mobility in an area that has become too tight. And it can also mitigate the pain that comes with muscles that have become overly tense.

And those who suffer from muscle spasms can also see benefits because dry needling, also called trigger point dry needling, targets muscles at their trigger points. When this happens, it creates a twitch response that lets the muscle relax, which can improve irritating twitching issues. So, when stretches and other muscle relaxation methods won’t cut it, dry needling may be the ideal treatment for tightness and spasms that linger.

Treatment You Can Trust

While acupuncture and dry needling services both use the same filiform needles, they don’t share much else in common. At Peak Performance Physical Therapy, our physical therapists go through an extensive training and certification process before they can provide dry needling treatment for our patients. They must complete 50 hours of dry needling education prior to treating patients in Prairieville and across Louisiana. So you can rest assured that the care you receive will come from an experienced professional Peak Performance physical therapist.

Dry Needling Can Provide the Relief Prairieville Residents Are Searching For

Have you been experiencing muscle pain, twitches, and tightness that just doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you do? It may be a good idea to consult a physical therapy expert to see if dry needling could help. The professionals at Peak Performance Physical Therapy can evaluate your unique needs and put you on the right treatment path. Prairieville residents can call 225-744-7325 or send us an email at dutchtown@peakphysicaltherapy.com to get in touch with a Peak Performance representative in Ascension Parish. Or, visit our contact page to find the Peak Performance physical therapy location nearest you. Once you’ve experienced the difference a few dry needling sessions can make, you’ll see why these needles aren’t anything to be afraid of.