Your Day Made Easier With Occupational Therapy In Baton Rouge

Did you know that Peak Performance in Baton Rouge offers more than physical therapy treatments? That’s right! We also provide occupational therapy to our patients in Baton Rouge. You may think these two are similar, but that’s not quite the case. These two therapies often work in tandem to achieve similar health results, but they are fundamentally different. Physical therapy (PT) focuses on improving the patient’s ability to perform a full range of movement, usually after an injury or surgery. Occupational therapy (OT) focused on a client’s ability to perform daily activities. So how can occupational therapy help you?

Meet Your Future Occupational Therapist

We can’t wait for you to meet our Baton Rouge occupational therapist, Ashley Wood, LOTR! Because she focuses on hand therapy and upper extremities, you know you’re in good hands. It’s no secret that our hands undergo frequent stress from our daily lives. In fact, our hands are the most active and vital part of our upper extremities. But repetitive motions in the hand, wrist, and arm slowly lead to problems with strength and mobility and cause pain—especially as we age. Ashley helps OT patients work through their hand issues, arm pain, or disability so they don’t suffer.

Occupational Therapy For Adults

Certain visual-perceptual skills, cognitive skills, or motor skills may suffer as a result of age. Some skills may include getting dressed, eating, bathing, and using the restroom. Nonetheless, it’s inconvenient and frustrating to lose your ability to perform these daily tasks! That’s why we have occupational therapy to help us recover and maintain these abilities. 

Occupational therapy can even help with vision loss! By promoting visual awareness, OTs teach vision-impaired patients to strengthen perceptual skills. In addition to treatment, your OT may suggest making changes to the patient’s environment at home or work. Easy changes could be color coding, extra lighting and contrasting—just to list a few examples.

Become A Patient At Peak Performance

After you or someone you care for has received a referral for occupational therapy, we move to schedule an initial evaluation. To fully understand our goals, our staff examens the problem to determine the particular issues that need aid. The rehab process varies in length due to many factors, but our therapists are here to guide our patients through every step. We aim for each patient to achieve the highest level of functional activity!

Learn More About Occupational Therapy In Baton Rouge

Of course, therapy is an important decision for anyone to consider. If you are interested in learning more about Occupation Therapy, feel free to explore our available resources. Occupational Therapy in Baton Rouge is offered at the Perkins Road Peak Performance location (along with our clinics in Brusly and Denham Springs). Feel free to contact us for questions about our OT program, insurance, or scheduling an appointment. We look forward to helping you and your family get back to your daily routine!