Try Out Expert Local Dry Needling To Treat Your Chronic Pain

It's no secret that dry needling has become an increasingly popular therapy. But if you’re still skeptical that this treatment is right for you, the local dry needling experts are here to help! Trust the experts at Peak Performance Physical Therapy to effectively treat your pain. We work to combine our therapeutic dry needling and physical therapy exercises to improve your range of motion and get you feeling better than ever. See just how we can help you.

All About Our Local Dry Needling Therapy

Many of us feel pain and stiffness when performing daily activities. Don’t let these symptoms drag down your quality of life! Try local dry needling treatment to get your physical health back on track. How does it work? Well, by using a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin, our physical therapists stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points. This quickly alleviates pain by targeting the muscle and releasing the tension directly at a trigger point.

But what does the trigger point mean? These points are spots of muscle that develop hypersensitivity. When a physical therapist inserts a dry needle, your body reacts with a twitch response. And this is what we're looking for! Twitch responses release all those inflammatory chemicals causing your pain. What results is restoration of blood flow to where the trigger point was. 

Dry Needling Provides The Relief You Need

Local dry needling therapy has proven to be most useful in long-term and chronic muscle tightness, relieving muscle pain, and muscle spasms. This is particularly applicable for injured athletes of any age and victims of car accidents. But let’s really get into what conditions trigger point dry needling alleviates:

  • Neck and shoulder pain 
  • Knee conditions
  • Tendonitis and carpal tunnel
  • Sciatica and lower back pain
  • Hip and gluteal pain
  • Running injuries
  • Headaches
  • Plantar Fasciitis

You Can Treat It And Beat It

Dry needling is also a quick treatment process. The average patient requires two to three sessions for full treatment, as most patients begin feeling significant relief after three visits. 

On the other hand, more serious pain may take up to six treatments. We strive for noticeable improvement after each visit, such as increased range of motion, ease of movement, decreased pain, and other symptoms. 

After a session, it is completely normal to feel sore. We encourage our patients to drink lots of water, stretch, soak in a hot tub, and use a heating pad to help with their pain. After therapy, you are free to work out, stretch, and get a massage at your own comfort.

Let's Achieve Your Peak

We pride ourselves on providing inclusive treatment at Peak Performance. Your journey to optimal physical health will most likely require a combination of treatments. That’s why we provide comprehensive physical therapy and local dry needling services to our patients. We're a one-stop-shop for physical wellbeing! 

Discover real relief with local dry needling therapy at Peak Performance near you. Schedule an appointment to begin your treatment. Our physical therapists are ready whenever you are.