Are You In Need(ling) Of Dry Needling In Baton Rouge?

Thanks to modern medicine, there are many treatments to choose from when you’re in pain. A recent treatment is especially gaining popularity—dry needling. But as a relatively new procedure, where do you go for treatment? Peak Performance Physical Therapy has a number of professionals who are skilled at dry needling within Baton Rouge. Schedule your visit today and relieve your pain ASAP.

How Does Dry Needling Work?

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a pretty straightforward treatment. Small, thin needles are inserted into the muscles at ‘trigger points’. These are points on the body that cause a specific effect in another part of the body, usually a local twitch response. This response causes the body to relax, decreasing pain and improving flexibility. 

Sounds pretty close to acupuncture, right? Both techniques use small needles in their treatments, but the similarities stop there. Acupuncture uses these needles with the intent of balancing the body’s energies. Dry needling uses small needles by inserting them into trigger points, removing tension in the muscles. Acupuncture may be an older practice, but dry needling has more research to back it up.

It’s not uncommon to worry about safety with a relatively new technique. But don’t fret, dry needling is a highly regulated service. Only those physical therapists who have completed extensive clinical education and training specifically in dry needling procedures and techniques can practice dry needling. Only the best therapists can practice dry needling in Baton Rouge. And we’re lucky to have a handful of these professionals at our Peak Performance locations. 

Are You In Need(ling) Of Dry Needling In Baton Rouge? Stop by one of our locations!

Why Should I Get Treatment?

If you regularly suffer from chronic pain or stiffness in the muscles, dry needling in Baton Rouge may be a great option for you. By releasing the pressure in your trigger points, pain and toxins are found to slowly ebb away. And while it is rarely a standalone procedure, dry needling has a number of benefits that follow. 

  • Increasing blood flow
  • Relieving pressure and local pain
  • Improved mobility

And as research continues, we hope to find more long-lasting benefits. No matter if you suffer slight constant pain or find daily tasks difficult to complete from it, dry needling in Baton Rouge is a smart option. Relieve your pain today!

See A Professional For Dry Needling In Baton Rouge

You shouldn’t have to exhaust your options and live with chronic pain and stiffness. So talk to your physical therapist today about dry needling and live life pain-free. 

Peak Performance Physical Therapy is the best place to go when you need dry needling in Baton Rouge. Our professionals are highly trained and eager to help relieve your pain. We currently have eight locations, our newest location in Hammond. So call us today or visit our website and set up your appointment. Visit the location nearest you and see how dry needling can help you feel better.