5 Benefits of ACL Rehab In Hammond

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is common among athletes. This occurs when the tissue that connects the thigh bone and shin bone ruptures or tears. This damaged ligament can be excruciatingly painful, and it can even become unstable. With the aid of a skilled physical therapist, you can help increase your natural healing. And, you can learn preventative methods to reduce future ACL injury. Get in touch with our specialists from Peak Performance Physical Therapy today! If you have suffered an ACL injury, a rehab program from our trusted physical therapist in Hammond can help you to recover faster. Here's how.

1. Increase Range of Motion

Due to pain and swelling after your injury, you may notice that it is harder to move your knee. During ACL rehab with one of our physical therapists in Hammond, you can find exercises for regaining your range of motion! Whether you are participating in physical therapy pre- or post-surgery, we can help you to restore the full function of your knee. Your therapist can help you find the right in-clinic and at-home exercises to increase motion, strength, balance, and more. 

2. Gain Muscle Strength

During recovery from an ACL injury, it is important to exercise the muscles surrounding the knee joint. This both improves your stability and helps to regain strength in your damaged tissues. This is especially necessary after ACL surgery to help the damaged knee match the strength of the opposite knee. Our physical therapists can tailor your exercises to target these muscles, gradually increasing intensity levels until your knees are equally strengthened. And by restrengthening these muscles, we can help you to improve your balance, too. Get in touch with our physical therapists to find the tools you need to join our library of success stories.

3. Alleviate Pain

Even after surgery or recovery from an ACL injury, pain can still linger in the knee and thigh area. This pain can range from mild to severe and can affect your ability to carry out regular activities. And, those who have suffered an ACL injury are also at greater risk of developing osteoarthritis which can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in the knee. With ACL rehab from our Hammond clinic, our physical therapists can help you find the right exercises to alleviate pain. By promoting healthy, proper healing of your ACL, you can also prevent lasting sensitivity and reduce your need for pain medication.

4. Get Back to Daily Activities

As we stated earlier, an ACL injury often occurs during sports or physical activity. With an injury as painful and sometimes as long-lasting as a tear or rupture of the ACL injury, you can expect to have an extended period sitting out of the game. Whether you play tennis, run marathons, or simply enjoy working out at your gym, it’s important to learn the right form for movement and exercise. This prevents injury, alleviates existing pain, and improves your in-game form. With dedicated physical therapy and ACL rehab from Peak Performance Physical Therapy in Hammond, you can increase your chances of getting back in the game faster.

5. Prevent Further Injury

Poor conditioning, using badly-adjusted equipment, or using the improper form in your movement patterns can all contribute to a higher chance of injuring your ACL. Core exercises can help with this! Exercising the lower abdomen as well as the hips and pelvis can improve the strength and form of your squats. As you squat, your knee should move forward, not inward. But with improper form, it is much easier to damage your tissues, like the ACL. With this additional strength training, you can decrease your risk of suffering an ACL injury and optimize your form when exercising.

Get Started With ACL Rehab in Hammond Today

Peak Performance Physical Therapy is proud to offer exceptional service and treatment to the people of Hammond and beyond. Let us help with your recovery journey! Request an appointment on our website to get started. Or if you have any questions, give our Hammond location a call at 985-956-7205. Don’t let an ACL injury keep you away from the sports and physical activity you love. With ACL rehab in Hammond or one of our other clinic locations, we can help you to regain strength, alleviate pain, and get back to sports and exercise with even more strength than before.