Aqua Therapy Prairieville Patients Love

Peak Performance Physical Therapy’s seven locations serve the entire Greater Baton Rouge area. Of these locations, three offer aqua therapy to address specific patient needs. We’ve talked before about our physical therapy in Prairieville, and here’s more about the aqua therapy Prairieville patients love.  

Aqua Therapy Prairieville Can Appreciate

Peak Performance’s Geismar/Dutchtown location is one of our three offices offering aqua therapy. In Ascension Parish, we’re off Highway 73, just off Interstate 10. At this location, many Prairieville residents have appreciated its benefits, as our aqua therapy takes place in a Swim-Ex—a rehabilitation-specific pool. The pool is 8 feet by 20 feet and can be as deep as 5 feet, holding 2,600 gallons total. Platforms throughout the pool decrease the depth to 4 feet in many areas. Within the pool, there are eight different workstations patients can use. At these stations, therapists and technicians guide patients through a variety of exercises to help recovery and ease pain.

Benefits Of Aqua Therapy

Aqua Therapy can be an essential part of your physical therapy process. It can be beneficial for a wide range of patients and diagnoses, including those recovering from surgery, addressing an injury, or trying to get pain relief. Water allows for more range of motion and a better tolerance for exercise. Those suffering from chronic osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, patients with low back pain, and obesity are also candidates for aquatic therapy. As part of a physical therapy plan, aqua therapy benefits include:

  • Specially-equipped aqua therapy stations allow for seated exercises. This way, patients at all stages of ability can benefit from it. There’s also a lift chair for those who need help getting in and out of the pool.  
  • Water decreases the impact on your joints. Walking, running, and even plyometric jumping exercises are safer on your joints. Stretching your muscles and keeping your balance can be more comfortable in the water as well.
  • Moving through water increases resistance so your muscles can safely strengthen. In our Swim-Ex pool, there is a slight flow to create a subtle current. It requires you to use your core and abdominal muscles throughout your session. Additional tools and equipment can assist in your exercises to ensure maximum benefits.
  • In our Swim-Ex pool near Prairieville, the water temperature is between 88 and 92 degrees. Warm water can help your muscles relax and give you other advantages.

Dive Into Peak Performance Physical Therapy

Are you interested in learning more about aqua therapy services at Peak Performance Physical Therapy? Talk to your doctor or contact us. In addition to aqua therapy, our therapists offer a variety of medical therapies, technologies, and treatments. Your experience is tailored to your needs to get you back to normal as much as possible.