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Seeing one of our therapists is an easy process and usually takes place in one of two ways. First is with a prescription from a medical doctor, dentist, or chiropractor. Most of the time in this case, the doctor’s office will fax or electronically send the prescription/order for therapy to our office and one of our patient representatives will contact the patient. However, the patient can also call one of our clinic locations and set up an appointment.

The second way to access a therapist is through what is known as ‘Direct Access’. In 2016, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law allowing patients to schedule directly with a physical therapist without having a prescription. This means scheduling the same way an appointment is made with a doctor, dentist, or other healthcare provider. Simply call the most convenient clinic location or schedule on-line with our “Make an Appointment” button.

At Peak Performance, our commitment to proper treatment and patient safety drives our decision making process throughout the course of treatment.


Insurance and Reimbursement Considerations

The laws allowing direct access to physical therapy services do not mandate insurance providers to pay for treatment services. All insurance companies have differing criteria with regard to what they reimburse and therefore, payment for physical therapy services is something that must be addressed with each particular insurance provider.

The staff at Peak Performance Physical Therapy will be more than happy to assist with all questions regarding coverage guidelines and payment for services and will contact providers to obtain information on their specific requirements.

If the physical therapy treatment is cash-based, arrangements can be made at the time of service.


Understanding the Direct Access Law

In order to help ensure the safety of patients accessing physical therapy services without a referral, Louisiana law requires PTs to follow certain parameters. First of all, the physical therapist must have significant experience in treating patients by meeting one of the following requirements:

  • a. A doctorate level degree in physical therapy, or...
  • b. 5 years minimum of clinical practice experience.

Also, the physical therapist must be able to obtain and demonstrate measurable improvement in functional status (show progress) within 30 calendar days of starting care or he/she must refer the patient to another health care provider.

Along with these specific criteria, if at any time the physical therapist identifies a symptom or condition indicating a problem outside the scope of physical therapy treatment, an immediate referral to another health care provider is required.

At Peak Performance Physical Therapy, we are even more stringent with our therapists regarding the safety, well-being, and progress of our patients. While all Peak therapists treating non-referral patients meet the required experience standards noted in the law, our physical therapists are required to notify their clinical director or supervisor if there is no significant progress within 14 days. If this should occur, our therapists collaborate and make clinical decisions with regard to the best course of action for the patient.


Further Questions on Direct Access

We are committed to exceeding expectations and ensuring that your experience at Peak is the best it can be. We strive each and every day to satisfy our patients, medical referral sources, and payer groups so that we can continue to be the BEST CHOICE available for physical therapy services.

For more information regarding physical therapy in Louisiana and in the rest of the country, check out the Louisiana Physical Therapy Association (, the Louisiana State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners (, or the American Physical Therapy Association ( 

As a patient at Peak Performance Physical Therapy, you can be confident in the knowledge that we will help to address your problem whether that be in our clinic, with a referral to an appropriate medical doctor, or through a combination of both.


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