Physical Therapy Treatments That Can Help Patients

It doesn’t matter why you’re suffering—when you are in pain, you want to find relief as soon as possible. And when you’re looking for the best physical therapist in Hammond, Peak Performance Physical Therapy is here to help. We offer a range of excellent services and treatments that can address many common injuries and conditions. And our caring and experienced staff are trained to help patients find the recovery they need. We aid patients who have suffered physical trauma, sports injuries, and wear and tear from lifestyle and work activities. Learn more about the many services we provide to help patients recover and mitigate their pain. And see how our treatments may be able to assist you.

How Our Services Help Patients

At Peak Performance Physical Therapy, we offer several rehabilitative, educational, and testing services to help patients feel better sooner. And, whether you’re looking for the best physical therapist in Hammond or several other areas throughout Louisiana, we are ready to assist. Discover more about some of the services we provide to see which may be best for your needs.

Dry Needling 

Dry needling can be beneficial for a wide range of injuries and conditions. Muscle spasming or tightening issues can lead to compression and irritation of nerves in the spinal area. This can become a painful, lingering issue if left untreated. Peak Performance Physical Therapy offers dry needling treatments that can address these problems and help patients find relief. Small, thin needles are gently used to release the trigger points in affected muscles, allowing them to relax. In turn, this can give patients improved flexibility and reduce pain symptoms.

Electrical Stimulation

This treatment can address a variety of issues caused by acute injuries or ongoing conditions. Electrical stimulation, also called E-stim, utilizes electrodes to deliver controlled electric pulses to the affected area. This treatment has been used to reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms in patients. It can be an excellent option for problems such as lower back pain, bursitis, tendonitis, and lower-back pain.

Sports Rehabilitation

As fulfilling as sports can be, they can also take a toll on the body. The experts at Peak Performance Physical Therapy have experience dealing with a variety of issues and injuries that can occur as a result of these activities. Depending on the nature of the injury, patients receive a personalized care plan to address the underlying problems and help them get back to playing the sports they love sooner.

Want to Find the Best Physical Therapist in Hammond or other Areas of Louisiana?

At Peak Performance Physical Therapy, we are focused on helping you find the treatment you need to overcome your injuries or conditions. If you are tired of experiencing pain every day, our trained physical therapists and staff are ready to work with you. To learn more, give us a call at 985-956-7215 for our Hammond location. Or visit our locations page to find the Peak Performance Physical Therapy clinic nearest you. Let us assist you on your path to recovery.