Working With Your Local Physical Therapist

If you’re worried about trying physical therapy—you are not alone. Effective treatment takes time, patience, and determination as you work with your local physical therapist. Although recovery doesn't happen quickly, you can follow advice from Peak Performance Physical Therapy to get the most out of your treatment!

What To Expect During Your Therapy

We strive to provide the best treatment and care for all our patients. When you choose us, we start with a thorough evaluation and physical assessment. And many times begin the rehabilitation process the first day. Our local physical therapists will guide you in exercises designed to increase mobility and decrease pain.

While you may feel discomfort during the exercises, the goal is to teach your muscles to move without pain. As with any exercise, soreness is sometimes normal. However, there's a difference between sore muscles and pain. Be sure to talk to your therapist if you're experiencing pain.

How To Get More From Your Therapy

Before you come in for your first appointment, make a list (mental or physical) with as much information about your pain as possible. Based on your history, current pain, and doctor’s recommendations, you and your therapist can set realistic goals.

As a patient, you have to work hard at your appointments AND at home. Be sure to do your physical therapy homework! Since your therapist is also teaching you how to move your body safely, you can perform many of these exercises at home, too. If you don’t exercise these muscles often, it will slow down your healing. Recovery at a slower rate will obviously lengthen your recovery time.

Communicate! While we want you to exercise at home, we understand that life’s circumstances get in the way, and you shouldn't hide that from us. Be honest about how much you exercised the injured area since your last appointment so we can help you.

To reach your mobility goals, you have to commit. When you miss therapy appointments, you are only hindering your progress. If you are rescheduling your appointments too often, you may be hindering your results.

Trust a local physical therapist to help you feel better.

You Get What You Give

Physical therapy may be a long process, but it’s worth it! You're learning awareness of your body and how to move it safely. When you put in the effort, you help prevent future accidents and injury to your body.

Treatment is effective not only for your body but for your wallet, too. Therapy empowers the patient to take control of their condition and manage their symptoms instead of relying on repeated expensive medical care. In fact, a recent study suggests that patients who turn to physical therapy will have 72% fewer costs within their first year of recovery.

You Can Start Recovering Today

We have eight locations from Baton Rouge to Hammond with a local physical therapist ready to help you! Reach out to us today at the location closest to you to schedule your initial evaluation. With hard work and perseverance, we will work to make you strong again together!