Find Out The Right Answer To “A Physical Therapy Clinic Near Me”

When you’re searching for “a physical therapy clinic near me,” you’re looking for a practice that meets your standards. Improving your health is a long term commitment, and at Peak Performance Physical Therapy, we’re committed to you. That’s why we partnered with Spectrum Fitness and Medical Wellness! They provide classes, training, and nutrition for you even after you finish your therapy sessions with us.

You Can’t Go Wrong Getting Strong!

Of course, the first step to recovery is physical therapy. You can easily find expert treatment from one of our eight locations when you search “physical therapy clinic near me.” But what happens when you finish therapy? Your journey isn’t quite over—strength training is equally important! Building your strength improves muscular imbalances and coordination to avoid further injuries

You’ve heard the expression “use it or lose it” before. And that’s precisely what happens when you’re not using your muscles during the recovery period. The required recuperation period leads to muscle loss. Physical therapy focuses on joint movement and, most of all, pain. While treatment helps with muscle recovery, it won’t get your muscles back to their previous state. So even if you weren’t into exercising before your physical therapy, strength training is a critical aspect of proper recovery. 

Often PT patients don’t realize how vital their metabolism is to their recovery. Your metabolism allows your body to access all nutrients needed to heal the injury. As your muscles grow, your metabolism grows, and your physical therapy is infinitely more effective!

Your mental health is incredibly important during your physical recovery, too. When you have a bad day, you need a positive mental attitude to stay motivated to continue your treatment. But mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, are often associated with injuries or illnesses. Your strength training is a great way to combat common mental health issues. Your body releases chemicals during exercise that can improve your mood! Along with your strength training, your mind will feel clearer and help you feel proud of the progress you make!

Feel better when you go to a physical therapist near you.

Spectrum And Peak Physical Therapy

Through our partnership with Spectrum, you can have access to expert trainers and high-quality fitness classes. Specifically, these classes are designed with recovery in mind! Of course, always consult your therapist and trainer before you begin exercising again. They will provide insight into major considerations, some of which include:

  • Establishing an effective warm-up routine, including warm-up sets for each weight exercise.
  • Avoiding maximum weight reps when returning to the gym after an injury. Discuss with your trainer what weights you should keep to and when you should move up. It’s necessary to set a safe pace and frequency, with enough rest between exercise periods. 
  • Along with proper warm-up routines, cool-down techniques are extremely important, too. Pay attention to your breathing and heart rate and always stretch.

Make The First Step

Before you can begin building muscle back, get the physical therapy you need. Peak Performance has eight locations in the greater Baton Rouge area, making it that much easier when you’re looking for the right “physical therapy clinic near me”! Go online to find the right clinic and schedule an appointment today. We look forward to being your trusted recovery partner.