Answers To All Your Questions About Physical Rehabilitation

Without the proper help, re-learning basic tasks after a serious injury is a hard and sometimes painful journey. Whatever injuries or ailments you may sustain, the team at Peak Performance Physical Therapy is here to help you regain your physical health to feel great again! With both physical therapy and occupational therapy treatments, we provide a well-rounded physical rehabilitation journey for the most successful recovery possible.

What Is Physical Rehabilitation?

Car accidents, sports injuries, or age-related damages are common reasons for physical rehabilitation programs. Many injuries lead to surgeries and may even require restricted use of the area during the first phase of recovery. Both surgery and restricted use of the body can lead to muscular atrophy, or deterioration of muscle tissue, and may cause ability issues. Physical rehabilitation, or rehab, is the treatment patients usually receive after undergoing surgery to regain lost muscles and physical abilities. Your rehab program might focus on physical therapy, occupational therapy, or a combination of treatments. So when the moment comes, you need the right help from a physical rehabilitation center near you.

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What Will Physical Therapy Be Like?

Although atrophy levels vary from patient to patient, most patients require physical therapy to gain that muscle back. Physical therapy is guided and specific exercises of injured areas to strengthen the muscles and bones. Along with weaker muscles, the body can lose basic flexibility, range of motion, and balance. During your physical rehabilitation, your therapist will work with you to regain all the physical aspects of your mobility. 

Physical therapy objectives include:

  • Exercise and rebuild muscles.
  • Stretch muscles to rebuild flexibility.
  • Regain range of motion.
  • Regain coordination and balance.

Why Would I Need Occupational Therapy?

Your physical rehabilitation may include occupational therapy, as well. Occupational therapy is a special part of rehab that focuses on the patient’s ability to perform daily activities and often focuses on upper body training. When serious injuries occur, muscular atrophy causes the mind and body to struggle with basic tasks, such as opening jars. Your occupational therapist is ready to help guide you in fine motor exercises, ball tosses, and arm pedal bikes.  

We know it can be difficult to get through therapy. Sometimes the pain and soreness can be discouraging. Remember, your therapist will always be by your side to support and guide you. Our goal is to get you feeling as well or better than before therapy! 

Should I Try Dry Needling Therapy?

Have you heard of dry needling? Sometimes pain slowly develops over time, and although your muscles are still able, you still need relief. Therapeutic dry needling is proven to treat long-term and chronic muscle pain that causes tightness and spasms. This unique form of therapy releases tension directly by penetrating the skin at trigger points using a thin filiform needle. It’s a quick treatment process, as most patients feel significant relief after three treatments. 

The Peak Performance Difference

Serious injuries often require a combination of treatments. Peak Performance has a unique advantage because we’re a full operation physical rehabilitation clinic that offers a combination of treatments and several locations for your convenience.

We have eight locations near the Baton Rouge and Hammond area, where our therapy options may differ. Set up an examination at the location nearest you to start your physical rehabilitation. Please call us at your closest location with any questions you may have about our program. We look forward to helping you feel great again!